University of Wisconsin (WN) Credit Union Online Banking Login

AW Credit Union was established in 1931 in the University of Wisconsin. It uses a not-for-profit cooperative business model to serve the community. The company takes in customer deposits and offers loans to its customers who needs it.

UW Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization that takes customers deposits and offers affordable loans to its clients. It offers an online banking platform where customers can conduct transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, text banking, money transfer, web pay, email and text alerts, web check copies, mobile banking, and check balance.


Step 1. Go to UW Credit Union website by following this link.

Step 2. In the homepage, go to the Web Branch by clicking either of the two places shown below.

UWU Login

Step 3. In the new page, enter your username and password and click login.



Step 1. If you have forgotten your password or username, click the forgot username/password link as shown below.

Forgotten Password

Step 2. In the next page, enter your username or member number in the box shown below and click next.

Forgotten Password1

Step 3. In the next step, enter the required information as shown in the image below. Ensure that you provide the correct details.

Forgotten Password2

Step 3. Click the next step button and provide the required information.

Step 4. If you are stuck, you can consult the company’s customer care department by calling in the provided numbers. The numbers are shown below.



Step 1. To sign up for online banking, go to the homepage of the website and follow the enroll button as shown below.


Step 2. In the next page, fill in the required spaces and press next until the final page.


If you follow the steps and provide the accurate information, you will have an online account with UW Credit Union.

The company provides a number of safety measures clients with online banking should follow to safeguard their accounts. These safety measures can be found on their site. Please ensure that you follow these measures. When you suspect that your account has some issues, contact the bank using the number provided above.

What you will find in your online account

In your online account, you will find most services you normally find in a physical bank location. You will be able to withdraw funds, make payments, send money to a friend or relative. You will also find a tool that can help you determine your credit score.